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Our boutique has unique artisan quality hand knitted handbags. All our handbags are hand crafted and made in New Jersey. The handbags are all unique designs and not mass produced, but knitted by Lisa, so her boutique is the only place you can find them on the internet. Custom orders welcomed!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Wedding Purse!

I have another wedding purse almost finished. Some reason flowers keep popping up on the purses. I live in the north east and it's been VERY COLD here. I am longing for spring. The body of the purse is knitted and the roses are crocheted.

This is the front
I took this picture with one hand trying to balance it on my lap. I'm holding the flap shut because there is no snap sewn in yet and it will pop open. 
Like this. Boing! LOL!

Well anyway.........Here's the side.

Here's the back-below

All I have now is the lining, snap and handle to do. Will let you all know when they go up for sale.

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