The Boutique

Our boutique has unique artisan quality hand knitted handbags. All our handbags are hand crafted and made in New Jersey. The handbags are all unique designs and not mass produced, but knitted by Lisa, so her boutique is the only place you can find them on the internet. Custom orders welcomed!

My Story

medHi I'm Lisa, I'm always doing something creative. Being creative is like air to me, I can't live without it. I'm an artist,knitting instructor and a knitter. I design and knit purses. I love knitting and my passion is knitting handbags. Maybe someday I'll get discovered and my handbags will be the new "It" bag. Hey a girl can dream!  

I'm a self taught knitter and have been knitting for 8 years. I started knitting handbags a few years ago, first as a curiosity to see if I could do it. At first my designs were simple and limited. Then I gradually started making my own patterns, based on taking apart old handbags to see how they were made. You'd be surprised what your handbag is made of if you took it apart. Then after encouragement from family and friends I opened a store on eBay. I had a little store there for 2 years then I decided to move on. 

So now I've opened a store  Artisan Handbags and More! The home of the Artisan Quality Handbags and Purses. If you are shopping for unique, handmade artisan handbags you have come to the right place. I have beautiful hand knitted handbags you can't find anywhere on the internet. The handbags are all unique designs and not mass produced, but hand knitted by me.

I will be adding more designs in the near future. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

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