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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reach out, Be Fearless!

I've been gone a while, due to illness and family troubles. While being sick and flat on my back gave me time to think. I slowly started looking hard at my life. As one journey of my life is coming to an end another journey will begin. I know what must be done and it's going to be a rough journey.

It is important in times of need to reach out and have people around you that love you and support you, lift you up in prayer. Friends and family to lean on and most of all my faith. There is an old saying that you find out who your friends are in times of crisis. It's so true! So there has been a lot of soul searching and self discovery. I thank all those who have been there and will be there for me in the dark times and the happy times of my life. Sometimes your support network also helps in taking that first step in a new direction.

So I have returned to what I started long ago teaching knitting. I love knitting and I love to teach. So I have started teaching in my local community. I love seeing in a student's face light up when they finally "get it". Seeing them struggle at first then something clicks and they are like a child at Christmas. It warms my heart. I am a patient teacher, whatever it takes I'm there, knitting should be fun!

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. Being creative is like air to me I can't live without it. It's a part of me, who I am. My creativity has spilled over into many mediums. Painting, drawing, using the computer, knitting, jewelry and many others.

So if your passion is to teach your talent do it! It takes you to the next level in your development as a person and artisan. You'll never know until you try. Whether your talent is sewing, cooking, jewelry making, knitting, crochet or something else you love, there always will be someone willing to learn. Be fearless!

Some good places to start is right in your local community.
Here are some ideas to get you started.
  • Make a flyer. Doesn't have to be fancy, just list the information. All you need is the what, where, when and much it costs. Post it in your local shops, ask friends to pass them along.
  • Have business cards. Again doesn't have to be fancy. You can make them yourself or go to a site like Vista Print and make one up.Also have a few on hand. Just your name, your contact info.
    • Here's an example: 
Jane Doe
Jewelry Instructor

Phone number
website or blog (if you have one)
  • Go to your local library, community center or craft store and find out about starting a class.
  • See if you can start a program in your church. For example you could teach crochet and tie it in with prayer shawl ministry, or make blankets for a local nursing home or hats for newborns for the local hospital. 
Now you have some new ideas. If you already have established yourself in your own business, why not try teaching?

Be Fearless!

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