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Our boutique has unique artisan quality hand knitted handbags. All our handbags are hand crafted and made in New Jersey. The handbags are all unique designs and not mass produced, but knitted by Lisa, so her boutique is the only place you can find them on the internet. Custom orders welcomed!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A good way to buy your supplies

 If you need to save money of your knitting or crochet purchases here's a good program that I use to save money and earn money at the same time. It's called Big Crumbs. You can shop and save a lot of money or refer your friends and family and earn some extra income.  Below I have provided some information about the program and some benefits.

When you join BigCrumbs,

you gain access to exclusive deals and earn
BIG cash back at top retailers and member stores. At BigCrumbs', mission is to help people enjoy better lives, with less financial stress. It's about regaining control of our own destinies, even in tough economic times. It's about working together. It's about opportunity.

BigCrumbs connects you with some of the best Deals & Coupons found online. You'll have access to thousands of discounts up to 80% off, free shipping and more all year around.
We also work hard to bring you exclusive deals at top stores, which will help you save even more money for you and your family. Remember, these exclusives are found only at BigCrumbs.

BigCrumbs Benefits:

  • Millions of Products - BigCrumbs' merchant partners and member stores feature a huge inventory of products from toothpaste to shoes to automobiles!
  • Deals & Coupons - Save even more with Special Offers that include discounts as high as 80% off, free shipping and more.
  • My Favorites - Add retailers to your My Favorites list for quicker access to the stores you love.
  • QuickCrumb Bookmarks - For retailers that you *really* love, add QuickCrumb bookmarks to your browser. That means easy access from anywhere on the Web!
  • Community - BigCrumbs has large, active community of people just like you who enjoy trading advice, rating deals, and helping new members.

    Refer a Friend

Share the power of BigCrumbs with your friends.They'll get great deals too - and you'll earn cash when they shop...forever.

You can earn even more when your BigCrumbs friends refer their friends! We're not talking about "points" or pats on the back. We're talking real money. Your referral family will continue to grow... and so will your cash.
And remember, the deals just keep getting better as our community grows. We're truly all in it together!

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