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Friday, August 13, 2010

Knitting and trinity stitch

Trinity stitch
I started on a new handbag it's called Sicily. It's perfect for fall. The yarn has the colors of Autumn leaves. Golds, oranges, dark reds, browns and dark browns. Inspired from the Italian cooking show, Faces of Italy.
I'm knitting it in a stitch called the trinity stitch. The trinity stitch is also called the blackberry stitch because it resembles a blackberry. Some say the trinity stitch has some religious tone. Maybe it's because the pattern is formed by working three stitches from one stitch and one stitch from three, signifying the Holy Trinity? It's also called the cluster stitch too. So whatever you name it it's still the same stitch pattern. It looks difficult but make a nice over all pattern and gives lots of texture to the knitting.

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